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Your Questions. Professional Answers.

Why should I practice Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnancy yoga is safe in all trimesters (as long as you receive the go-ahead from your health professional). It is also safe if you've never tried yoga before. This is due to the accessibility of classes and safety considerations that are kept in mind when planning classes. Pregnancy yoga is a great way to add safe and effective exercise during your pregnancy (pregnant women should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week). It also prepares you for birthing your baby as we focus on different breathing exercises and various positions to make you feel comfortable during the birthing process. Pregnancy yoga also calms the mind and helps mums-to-be connect with their growing babies on a physical and emotional level.

Why should I practice Postnatal Yoga?

Postnatal yoga is a safe and accessible practice for new mums after their first postpartum check and upon receiving the green light from their health professional. This usually is at 6 weeks postpartum following a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks postpartum following a C-section delivery.
Practising postnatal yoga supports and facilitates the healing and recovery of the body and mind, by using gentle movement, balancing postures, breathing and relaxation. It is a safe way to strengthen your pelvic floor in a gentle and accessible manner. Postnatal yoga also helps mums rebalance their minds and meet a like-minded community.

When can I start Postnatal Yoga?

Postnatal yoga is a safe and accessible practice for new mums after their first postpartum check and upon receiving the green light from their health professional. This usually is at 6 weeks postpartum following a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks postpartum following a C-section delivery.

I have never tried yoga before, can I still start Pregnancy or Postnatal Yoga?

Absolutely. Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga are extremely safe and accessible forms of exercise, even if you have never done yoga in the past. It is always recommended that you get the go-ahead from your healthcare professionals, but generally speaking, if you do not have any complications, then both are safe and enjoyable.

How long are your Pregnancy & Postnatal classes?

Classes are generally 60 mins long unless they say 45 or 75 mins on the class description.

Do I choose Pregnancy / Postnatal Yoga or Barre? Can I do both?

Both Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga and barre are extremely safe and beneficial in pregnancy and postpartum. The difference between the two is that in yoga, we pay close attention to breath work (pranayama) and we work on intention setting. There is also quite a bit of stretching and slow paced movement. In barre, there are more strengthening type, isometric movements which will get your heart rate up (safely). You can say that barre is more of a 'workout' and yoga more of a mindful practice. Both work on strengthening the body but barre is slightly more intense than yoga. I personally recommend both types of classes as they are quite different and both very fun so why not enrol in both?

What is Pregnancy Barre? What about Postnatal Barre?

Pregnancy and Postnatal Barre is a barre class that is modified and specific to pregnant mamas to be and to anyone who has recently given birth. The class is suited to ladies in all trimesters of their pregnancy and postnatally to ladies who have had their first postpartum check by their health professional and have been given the go-ahead to restart exercise. This is usually 6 weeks postpartum for mamas who have delivered vaginally and 8 weeks via c-section. This of course varies from person to person so getting the OK from a health professional, is highly advised.
Barre involves many small isometric movements to help strengthen the whole body including legs, glutes, arms and core. Since this is a fusion class, there are some exercises that will be specific to postnatal clients that will differ from pregnant clients.

What is Baby Yoga and why should I enrol my baby in it?

Baby yoga is one of the best baby classes you can do with your little bundle of joy. It is recommended that babies start at 10 weeks old. A typical class follows the pattern of a warm-up stretch for both carer and baby, some dry massage, then stretching and actions for different parts of the baby's body. Babies are in many different positions throughout the class and there’s a fair amount of stimulation, which helps induce a great sleep after the session.
While babies are naturally flexible, carefully administered positions such as baby tree, baby mountain, mini boat and mini cobra can aid in opening up their bodies and relaxing their reflexes.
Besides, all that skin-to-skin and eye contact will have you and bub bonding like in no other baby class :)

What is the recommended age for Baby Yoga?

It is recommended that babies are at least 10 weeks of age when starting a Baby Yoga class.

When can my baby start Baby Massage?

Baby Massage is ideal for babies 6 weeks and older.

Why should I enrol my baby in Baby Massage?

According to the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), baby massage can help to stimulate the circulatory and digestive systems which helps with gas, cramps, colic, and constipation.

Massages also help ease muscular tension, growing pains, and teething discomfort, as well as stimulate growth in preterm infants.

Baby yoga 

How long are Baby Yoga and Baby Massage classes?

Classes are 45 minutes long.

What can I expect in a Baby Massage class? What about Baby Yoga?

Baby Massage classes are 45 minutes long. We focus on 2 or 3 body sections per class, including legs & hips, arms & shoulders, chest & stomach, back & balance, face and more. We usually ask that babies are stripped down to their nappies in a warm room and that they lay on a soft surface like a blanket or mat. Massage oil is used (organic coconut or sunflower oil are recommended). A skin test is recommended 24 hours prior to class to ensure that baby is not allergic to massage oil. Babies can be laying down or seated (or a combination) for class.

Baby Yoga classes are 45 minutes long. We work with a few postures for the full body that are held for a few seconds before switching. Repetition is key here and although we don't hold postures on babies for a long time, we do repeat postures a few times so that they get used to them. Postures are never forced and classes are fun and light. We may even start singing! Some baby massage is sometimes incorporated in yoga class. Although the focus is on baby yoga postures, we also have a few postures for parents to enjoy some stretching and relaxation with their babies.

What if my baby fusses during class? What if I have to feed / change them?

Classes are meant to be fun and relaxing for both babies and parents so please don't worry if you have to rock your baby / skip postures / walk out / feed / change your baby etc. Babies cry, get hungry and need feeds, so do what you have to do to enjoy class to the fullest without worrying about any of these things.

Why should I choose to join Ella Sky & Friends over other providers?

Salma (Ella Sky's mummy) who runs classes for Ella Sky & Friends has over 800 Yoga Alliance certified hours and has been teaching all forms of yoga since 2014. Her pregnancy and postnatal yoga certification is from Yoga Mama London and is accredited by the highest accreditation body in yoga, the Yoga Alliance. Her barre certification is by Booty Barre, one of the top barre qualifications out there. Her Baby Massage and Baby Yoga certification is through Bibble & Bubble, the only of its kind accredited by the Royal College of Midwives in the UK. She is fully insured for all of her classes of course.
At Ella Sky & Friends, we are fully dedicated towards the wellness of all of our clients, from pregnancy to birth and beyond. Utmost respect, professionalism and friendliness are our priority and how we operate our business. 
Still not sure? Give us a call on 07914542382 or email us on for a quick chat and we can answer all your questions.

Why are online classes cheaper than in-person classes?

Online classes are slightly cheaper than in person classes since renting out a space to run classes from is removed from expenses of running classes :)

I am confused as to whether I should practice online or in person. Can you help?

In-person and online classes are both beneficial and fun in their own way. 
Online classes are a convenient option for those who find it difficult to travel to classes in Wimbledon, London, UK. So if you live far away or even in a different country, you can still join our classes from the comfort of your home. All props used in classes can be found in most homes (e.g. cushions, blankets, towels, oils, a soft surface or yoga mat). This option is also really convenient for those shielding due to COVID-19 or for any other personal reasons.
In-person classes are beneficial for those who thrive off of being in a group setting in person. This option is beneficial to those who find it difficult to commit to exercise from home and find that being in a setting outside of their home more invigorating and fun. This option also allows for a like-minded community to meet in person which can be harder to do when meeting online.

Do you offer class passes / packages?

We do. We offer class passes which can be used for in-person Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, and Pregnancy / Postnatal Barre. You can purchase a 5 in-person class pass for £65 (worth £75) valid for 3 months, or a 10 in-person class pass for £125 (worth £150) valid for 6 months. You can use your in-person class pass for yoga and barre classes. 
We also offer class passes that can be used for online Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, and Pregnancy / Postnatal Barre. You can purchase a 5 online class pass for £45 (worth £50) valid for 3 months, or a 10 online class pass for £85 (worth £100) valid for 6 months. You can use your online class pass for yoga and barre classes. 
Baby Yoga and Baby Massage are set 5 week courses and so class passes must be purchased as a bundle for this. Your first class before purchasing a bundle is free.

Can I pause my class pass at any point and restart again later?

At Ella Sky & Friends, we know that life happens so we allow you to pause your class pass once for medical or travel reasons and restart again within 6 months of pausing. We will ask for proof.

Can I access your online classes at any time?

I will be recording all online classes so if you miss one, no worries, I will send it over to you and you will have access for 7 days.

How are you staying COVID safe during in-person classes?

Our in-person classes take place at Surya Hot Yoga; a gorgeous new yoga studio in the heart of Wimbledon town and super accessible by train. The studio in which we hold classes is NOT heated so do not worry. It usually can host 20 participants, but we are keeping classes at a capacity of 10 maximum to ensure everyone's safety. The studio has top-of-the-line sterilising and disinfectant hospital-grade equipment and it is cleaned after every single class. Everyone is required to wear a mask until they are on their mats. The studio is well ventilated. Everyone is required to stay on their mats during sessions and carefully make their way out in a socially distant manner once class is finished.

I have been doing your Postnatal classes and I now feel like my body is ready for more. Are there options available for me?

Yes; if you have completed at least 6 weeks of postnatal classes, you can go ahead and book fitness classes. Vinyasa yoga and Fitness Barre are available for those ready for more.

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